Positive Status Effects

Invisible (Icon - None)
Used by Rogue's Cloaks and Ghost Pirate Rum.
Player becomes translucent in a puff of pixels. Enemies ignore the player, though they are still susceptible to damage directed to other nearby players.

Berserk Red Sword
Used by Warrior's Helms.
Increases attack speed by 50%.

Speedy Green Up Arrow
Used by tiered Warrior's Helms and Orb of Conflict.
Increases movement speed by 50%.

Healing Red Cross
Used by Paladin's Seals.
White floating pixels rise around the player. Increases HP regeneration by approximately 28 HP per second.

Damaging Sword
Used by Paladin's Seals and Orb of Conflict.
Increases weapon damage by 50%.

Armored Wooden Shield
Used by Helm of the Juggernaut, Tome of Holy Protection and various enemies.
Doubles defense.

Invulnerable Mithril Shield
Used by Seal of the Blasphemous Prayer and various boss-type enemies.
Target receives no damage from attacks.

Stun Immune (Icon - None)
Used by some boss enemies.
Target is immune to Knight's stun. Visible only to the user (green text "Immune") after a failed attempt.

Stasis Immune (Icon - None)
Used by all bosses and some of their minions.
Target is immune to Mystic's stasis. Visible only to the user (green text "Immune") after a failed attempt. All the enemies gain stasis immunity for 1 second after going out of stasis.

Negative Status Effects

Slowed Red Down Arrow
Used by Green Drake Eggs, Archer's low tier Quivers, Huntress's Traps, Arachna's Web, Stheno's Pets, Green Stars, and Snowflakes.
Reduces enemy movement by 50%, reduces player Speed to 0 (Base, ~3 tiles/second).

Used by Blue Drake Eggs, Archer's high tier Quivers, Thunder Turret, Lion Archer, Scarab, Worshipping Priestess, and Nut.
Renders target/player completely immobile.

Used by various bosses, Earth Golems, Urgle, and Crystal Prisoner Steeds.
Reduces player Attack to 0 (Base, 50% weapon damage).

Stunned Gold Five Pointed Star
Used by tiered Knight's Shields, Sarcophagus, and Bes.
Renders enemy unable to attack, and player unable to use standard weapon.

Confused Swirl
Used by Blue Stars, Blue Shurikens, Yellow Stars, Sand Devils, and the Crystal Prisoner.
Changes controls. Left > Down, Down > Left, Right > Up, Up > Right, Rotate Left > Rotate Right, Rotate Right > Rotate Left.

Blind Black X
Used by Urgle, Beholder, Stheno the Snake Queen, Oryx's Simulacrum, Oryx the Mad God.
Heavily darkens game screen. Adjust brightness if screen is pitch black.

Quiet Word Bubble
Used by Vampire King, Flayer God, Sprite God, Septavius the Ghost God, Mysterious Crystal, Oryx the Mad God.
Completely drains MP, stops MP regeneration, and causes Magic Potions to be wasted if used. Fleeing to Nexus or entering a portal while quieted will fully restore base MP.

Armor Pierce (purple damage number)
Used by Urgle, White Demon, Septavius the Ghost God, Archdemon Malphas, Oryx's Simulacrum, Oryx the Mad God.
Attack that struck counts Defense as 0.

Armor Broken Gold Four Pointed Star
Used by Shield of Ogmur, Flame Turret, Lion Archer, and Nut.
Sets target's Defense to 0.

Stasis Swirl
Used by Mystic's Orbs and Orange Drake Eggs.
In this state the enemy turns gray and cannot move or attack but cannot be damaged.

Bleeding Blood Drop
Used by Yellow Drake Eggs, Lord of the Lost Lands, Hellhound, Snakepit Guard.
Yellow floating pixels rise around the enemy. Deals damage over time to both monsters and players. Stops player's HP regeneration. Cannot kill players.

Dazed Yellow Swirl
Used by Quiver of Thunder, Oryx's Simulacrum, Black Moon
Effect on enemies: quantity of projectiles in a single shot is halved rounded down, but not less than 1 projectile;
effect on players: reduces player's Dexterity to 0.

Sick Skull
Used by Bile of Oryx, Kage Kami
Stops player's HP regeneration, Making their Vitality 0, Cannot be healed.

Drunk Wine bottle
Used by Pirate Rum, Ghost Pirate Rum and Vintner of Oryx
Blurs the screen.

Hallucinating Mushroom
Used by Magic Mushroom and Masked Shaman.
Replaces objects and enemies on screen with random enemies.

Hexed Mushroom
Used by green pools in Mad Lab and Transformation Potion.
Replaces the target's sprite with a random pet's sprite.

Note: A player can use a Holy Water to remove these effects from himself. A priest with the Tome of Purification can remove these effects from himself and/or someone else. If the target is under both Speedy and Hexed, Speedy is removed too (to prevent green pool abuse in the Mad Lab).