RotMG Slang to English

Due to the fast-paced nature of the game, quickly-typed abbreviations are often used for trading and battle purposes. Here is a list (in progress) of the abbreviations you may encounter in-game:

0 This is said by players who got nothing after raiding a dungeon or an event boss.
0/8, 1/8, 2/8, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8 Describes how many stats has character maxed.
Aby or Abby: Abyssal Armor, a very high tier heavy armor.
Abyss: Refers to the Abyss of Demons
Acrop: Acropolis armor ,the tier 12 (and thus very strong) plate armor.
Aggro: The act of getting a monster's (usually a God or Boss) attention, causing to follow and attack you. Sometimes associated with Drag.
All Tops: Having each of the best pieces of equipment for your player's class. See Top
Alt: See Mule
Anchor: A person who stays in an area of importance (an area near gods or event bosses) so that his/her group can tele to him/her after going back to nexus. Also, the act of being this person.
AoE: Area of Effect, used to describe shots that deal damage over a specific area rather than simple bullets.
Att: Abbreviation for Attack, a Character Stat, used when referring to the respective type of potion, ring, or actual stat.
Autolooter: A cheater using a program to grab items faster than humanly possible
Ammy or Amulet: Amulet of Resurrection

BDagger/Bone/Bdag: Bone Dagger, an untiered dagger.
Bomb: The red AoE attack used by the Medusa God, Pentaract, and various others.
Boost: A request for a nearby Warrior or a Paladin to boost the stats of nearby allies. Most commonly used to break the Crystal.

Cbow: Coral Bow
Circle/Circling: A tactic where a player strafes around an enemy while continuing to fire at the enemy. This tactic is best used against enemies with narrow attacks like Medusa, but against enemies with omnidirectional particles like Ghost Gods, it's fairly ineffective.
Construct Party: A location in the God Lands where a gathering of 3 or more sets of Constructs are huddled forming a wall. These are considered highly annoying by farmers.
Cookie: Seal of the Blessed Champion, a high tier seal.
Covert: Refers to Bow of covert havens,a tier 12 bow.
Cube: Cube God, one of the seven events.
Cyclops: Refers to either the server name or the Event Boss Cyclops God.
CV Trap: Coral Venom Trap, an untiered Trap.

Dbow: Doom Bow
Def: Abbreviation for Defense, a Character Stat, used when referring to the respective type of potion, ring, or actual stat.
Deso: Desolation Armor, a Tier-10 heavy armor.
Dex: Abbreviation for Dexterity, a Character Stat, used when referring to the respective type of potion, ring, or actual stat.
Davy: Abbreviation for Davy Jones Locker
Drag: To have enemies follow you while you are running. e.g. Dragging a group of gods toward other players (try not to do this!).
Drop?: Shorthand for "What dropped?", asking about what items were in a bag or event.
Dscale: Dragonscale Armor, a Tier-9 heavy armor.
Dbow: Doom Bow (sometimes Double Bow in scammer's terms)

Event: Event Gods (ex. Cube God, Pentaract, Skull Shrine), high-level Quest Bosses
Ex or Exa: Short term referring to Exalted Rings

F5: Refresh button built into computers, used by players when they are near death or need to get out of a tricky situation.
ft: "For Trade"

GB: Abbreiviation of Guild Board. Example: "Read the GB"
Gbow: Golden Bow
GH: A short abbreiviation of Guild Hall.
Gods: The largest, most powerful monsters in the game. See Gods of the Realm..
Godlands: The area where Realm Gods can be found, usually around the mountain terrain.
Golden Cookie: Seal of the Blessed Champion, a high tier seal.
Grenade: See Bomb.
Griff: Griffon Hide Armor. Sometimes confused with Hippogriff Hide Armor (see below).
Gsorc: Robe of the Grand Sorcerer, the tier 13 (and thus strongest) robe.

Home: See Nexus.
hp or h: "Heal please", usually used in battles to request a heal from a priest or paladin.
Hippo: Hippogriff Hide Armor.
Holy Prot: Tome of Holy Protection, an untiered Tome.
Hydra: Hydra Skin Armor, a Tier-13 Light (or Leather) Armor and thus the strongest.

Inc: Wine Cellar Incantation, used to open Locked Wine Cellar Portals.
IGEC: Inter-Gaming Exchange Card. Used to exchnge items to other games. Example: Hange RotMG items to Runescape cash or vice versa.

Jereknation: zwhen players awaken enemies when they shouldn't be, ie: someone activates multiple bosses in a tomb.

KO: Abbreiviation of knocked out. Means killed or stunned. Example: "I KOed a medusa yesterday". This could mean that he stunned or killed a medusa. You should be able to tell by the context KO is used in.

Lagromancer/Lagro: What frustrated players call the Necromancer any time he uses his special ability on a large crowd of enemies. This causes the game to lag.
Lobby: See Nexus.
Looter: Anyone who picks up loot. We're all looters, but can have a negative connotation. "Curse that looter!", for example.
Lord/LotLL: Lord of the Lost Lands: one of the six events.
Ltt, Lott: Abbrieviation for Lotto. Often used on forums.

Mage:Another term for Wizard.
Maxed: Raising all or a certain stat to the highest that class allows. #/8 refers to the number of stats maxed.
Medusa: Medusa, referring to the server name or the realm god of the same name.
Mith: Refers to an item made from Mithril or directly refers to the Mithril Shield.
Milk: Baneserpent Poison, the Tier-6 poison.
mp: Request for someone to drop a mana potion. Usually said by priests and paladins.
Mule An alternate account someone may use to carry items when they run out of space, often used for scamming, trading, and the alike. Do not confuse with character switch.

NecroNecromancer, a player class. Also, Staff of the Necrotic Arcana, a Tier 9 staff.
Nexus: The area players first access when they enter the game. This area is known by many names: Lobby, Home, Valhalla, etc.
Nexus'd. The act of hitting the return to nexus button.
Ninja'd: A quick theft of items during a drop transfer or trade.
np: "No problem". Most commonly used way of saying "you're welcome" in the realm.
Ninja looter: Someone who jumps in quickly and steals an item you were picking up first. Mainly those people who teleport onto event loot just as someone else kills the event.

Old Top: Tier 11 Weapons or Armor, Tier 5 Abilities
@OP: On the forums, to indicate a reply to the original post in the thread.
OP: Overpowered.
Oreo: Seal of Blasphemous Prayer, an untiered seal.
Oryx1/O1: The Oryx you fight in the blue chamber after he whisks everybody away to their doom.
Oryx2/O2: The Oryx you fight in the Wine Cellar.

Pala/Pally: Paladin, a player class.
Para: (a stat name usually follows, e.g. Para Dex) Paramount Ring, which gives +7 of a given stat or +120 HP/MP.
Pent/Penta: Pentaract, one of the six Events.
Pernijated:</> Hacked and all characters being killed but account data and items untouched.
Plane: Cloak of the Planewalker, a rogue's cloak that allows short range teleportation.
Pot: Any kind of potion. This term can sometimes be synonymous with Stat-increasing Potions, which are much more valuable than your everyday Health and Mana Potions.
Puri: Tome of Purification, an untiered tome
Prot Tome: Tome of Holy Protection, an untiered tome that doubles the user's armor for 4 seconds.

Quest: Quest Bosses, which you are directed to depending on your character level. You must defeat most of them to reach Oryx's Chamber.

Roll/Rolling: Leveling a character then examining his stats, if they are below or above average (HP/MP and VIT/WIS are most preferable). Rerolling is the act of killing your character and starting a new roll.
Raffle: See Lotto

Scammer: Someone who steals your items in a trade without you clicking "Trade" or even trading whatsoever.
Shotgunned: Taking most or every hit from a wave of shots, eg, Medusa or Oryx.
Sin: Assassin, one of the 13 classes.
Skull: Skull Shrine, one of the six events.
Sorc: Sorcerer, a player class.
Spd: Abbreviation for Speed, a Character Stat, used when referring to the respective type of potion, ring, or actual stat.
Sphinx: Grand Sphinx, one of the six events.

T#: The Tier level of a Weapon, Armor, Ability, or Ring. Some items have no tier (see Untiered.
Tele or tp: An abbreviation of Teleport.
thx or ty: Shorthand for Thanks and Thank You, respectively.
Tomb: Referring to : Tomb of the Ancients
Top: Tier 12 Weapons, T13 Armor, Tier 6 Abilities, Tier 5 Rings.
Train:A big group of players that storm through the land of Oryx,(usually along roads),Set on leveling up fast or fame farming, in hopes of traveling onwards in the world of ranks.
Trix: Another term for Trickster
Tut: Tutorial, which can be accessed by typing /tutorial (was also used for trading and congregation purposes in previous builds).

UGC: Ultimate Game Card
UDL: Undead Lair.
Untiered/UT: Refers to rare items that are not tiered.

Vit Abbreviation for Vitality, a Character Stat, used when referring to the respective type of potion, ring, or actual stat.

WC: Wine Cellar
WC Tops: Wine Cellar items, refers to the highest tier items, which can only be found in the Wine Cellar. These are Tier 12 weapons and armor and Tier 6 ability items.
Wis: Abbreviation for Wisdom, a Character Stat, used when referring to the respective type of potion, ring, or actual stat.
Wiz, Wizzy: Wizard, a player class.
WTB: Shorthand for "Want to Buy".
wtt: Shorthand for "Want to trade".
WTS: Shorthand for "Want to Sell".

None as of yet

yw: "You're welcome".

ZSeal: Seal of the Holy Warrior.